Our Process

JIG’s 5-Phase Process

JIG’s 5 phase process has been developed and refined from years of experience. Our approach is a culmination of leading project management and engineering methodologies.


Strategize. We work with you to define the project at a high level. This includes a project charter, an evaluation of your specific needs, and consideration of the possible technology and design options. We also determine the key stakeholders and the enduser. Together we set expectations, scope, and project organization to ensure a smooth execution.

Requirements and Design User Experience

Brainstorm. A lot goes into the finished product and we work to make that happen here. Preliminary design, business and functional requirements are laid out in detail. We include deliverables such as creative exploration, information architecture (sitemap), technology design and confirmation of the target audience’s goals being met. Clear creative direction and guidelines are established. Overall system architectures and application development environments are engineered during this phase. We’ll advise you on the best choices of available technologies and platforms, making sure all options are fully explored and hasty decisions avoided. Utilizing the vantage point of the target audience enables us to ensure we meet the requirements for end user satisfaction.


This is when your idea becomes reality. The graduated implementation of features on our hosted staging server during the building process enables you to see project development progress. You have the means to verify and give feedback on configuration. Communication through regular reports, web-based task tracking and change request logs ensures you are always in the loop. Then we test against design specifications and functional cases and procedures, and test again, for quality assurance to deliver on best-practice features, scalability, and user experience.


Controlled. Organized. Reliable. To ensure success we utilize a Staging environment that is identical to production. Nothing will be deployed without your full approval in the Staging site. Every step is meticulously recorded for documentation, and training will be provided as requested.


Sports illustrate the importance of follow through, to ensure the ball always hits the target. We ensure that you hit yours by conducting a post-launch review. You can depend on us to provide all services necessary including updating, supporting and extending the application as required for your continued satisfaction.