Custom Software Development

JIG Approach to Custom Software Developement

  1. DEVISE: We start by listening. We strive to understand your business and where it’s going before making any technical decisions about your software development project. Your objective becomes our shared vision. There are many factors to identify and assess and we take the time upfront to do this well.

  2. DESIGN: Creativity and innovation work hand in hand with needs assessment. Now that we know what you need, and why, how do we make that happen?

  3. DEVELOP: Custom software development really is so much more than just writing code. We employ best practices, like those from ITIL, to ensure that we review needs analysis, security, and quality at each stage of the process. If something has changed since the start of the project, this is the ideal time to address it and make adjustments.

  4. DEPLOY & SUPPORT: We stand by our work, and we stand by our clients. Implementation is when our customer commitment shines through. If only life were problem free, but it isn’t. We’re there to iron out those wrinkles, make adjustments, explain how things work and grow along with you, to provide new versions and upgrades as needed.

We Have a Process that Delivers 100% of the Time

According to an IBM survey, ONLY 41% of custom software development projects were considered successful. Here are the top 3 reasons for project failure (from KPMG survey), and what we do to avert it:

Reasons a Software Development Project Becomes UnsuccessfulWays JIG Technologies Ensures Success

Poor Project ManagementWe use the best project management practices (agile software development), relying on more than just certifications but practical experience in delivering results.
Lack of Team FocusWe have experience aligning stakeholders across different departments and geography to get everyone seeing the same goals BEFORE the project starts. This often overlooked step is key to our success.
Poor Communication between Business and ITWe are passionate about solving business problems. Our focus is on leveraging technology to its full potential to drive business. It’s our super power and we’ll make it yours.

We’re ready to take you to the next level

We’ve worked with companies of various sizes in a gamut of industries, including non-profit and government. With more than two decade’s worth of experience in custom software development services, and a range of talent covering creative through technical, we can assure you, you are in good hands. As a dedicated custom software development company with a strong set of Core Values we keep costs down and add value to your company.

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