Asset Management

What are your best assets?

As the saying goes “it’s not what you have but how you use it”. The reality of asset management is that both apply. Your business has a lot of moving parts to keep track of. How do you consistently and effectively monitor:

  • Performance
  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Delivery

Asset management helps you do that.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing what you have; where it currently is deployed; how is it being used; how is it performing. That’s a lot to keep track of. But all these details are essential when you are accountable to customers, shareholders, regulatory agencies. Success is based on the more you know, and the more readily you can access that information.

We enable our clients to stay one step ahead in today’s ever-changing global economy with the proven competitive advantages of a responsive asset management strategy. Take a proactive approach managing the life-cycle of your assets and realize:

  • Increased reliability, less maintenance and breakage
  • Increased efficiency, less waste. Optimize your cost structure and utilization of assets
  • Better service delivery, increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced costs, minimized overhead. “Stock on hand inventory” fulfillment
  • Ensure regulatory and policy compliance. Reduce risk and enhance security

Build in the visibility you need to effectively manage and maintain all your assets.

What You Need, When You Need It

Your business requirements are specific, and your assets are unique to your needs. That’s why your Asset Management Program should be tailored to you alone. We utilize best practices from current methodologies like ITIL to address the core functions of discovery, tracking, reporting and alerting. For less than the price of many of the pre-packaged solutions looked at by our clients, Jig Technologies has been able to develop an asset management system to meet all their needs. And we’re strong on follow-through, with post-implementation checks and satisfaction reviews. Because you’re in it for the long haul, and so are we.