Warehousing & Logistics

Streamline and Manage your Workflow and Supply Chain

One of the greatest powers technology affords business is immediate visibility. Whether you are on the road or at your desk, warehouse management and logistics software can give you insight into your work orders and tasks, provide you with alerts and notifications and help you keep track of supplies and shipments. With warehouse management and logistics software, your team can have the tools they need to ensurequality control, fast reactions to problems, compliance, inventory control and lifecycle management.

Make real-time decisions and provide your customers with the expediency that is anticipated in today’s competitive markets. Getting things where they need to be quickly and efficiently is the best promise you can make to your customers.

In this business, timing is everything.

Big Picture Thinking

Our years of experience developing warehouse and logistics software prepares us for all sorts of challenges. We know that each business is unique, so it helps to have a well-rounded, attentive partner working on your side to help you realize the vision you have for your business. We recognize that your industry has evolved into a highly-specialized field that relies heavily on technology that is agile and responsive. In order to stay one step ahead in a world of constant change you need someone who can see the big picture.

Employees on the Road

Smartphones and tablets are quickly become the primary devices for operations, logistics and supply chain professionals. Give your staff the power they need to keep track of work orders and automate workflow from their mobile devices with custom designed warehouse and logistics software.

Achieve More Than Just Compliance

Warehouse and logistics software allows you to set your goals higher than the bare minimum. Meet industry standards, then aim even higher. With customized warehouse and logistics software you can set the bar above your competitors and transform your business by surpassing them at every stage of the game. Be a leader in your industry.


Warehouse and Logistics software serves two different functions:

  • Organizing all the moving pieces of your supply chain
  • Fully integrating all your departments, Inventory, Finance, Customer Service, and Management
Warehouse and logistics software design must go far beyond bar-coding and order management. Everything should be fully integrated.


Warehouse and logistics software needs to fit what you do, not the other way around. You need to be able to look ahead to support growth and innovation so that your business evolves. At JIG, we can show you how to better utilize your existing technology, streamline management and maintain high availability of services.